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Smith Mountain Lake Tournament

Written by Cantley Krafft on November, 18, 2016.





April 12, 2017

Mike Eavey Memorial Bass Tournament

For our second club tournament of the semester, we scheduled an event at Lake Anna to simultaneously compete in the Mike Eavey Memorial Bass Tournament. Eavey was a well-respected fisherman, a big supporter of our team, and an uncle to one of our members, Kile Quick. The event partnered with Notorious J.I.G, Shenandoah ValleyBass, and Fish Tales Marina who worked together to put on a tremendous event. With food, raffle prizes, and big fish brought to the scales, the community shared a remarkable experience and celebrated the life of Mike Eavey.

Anytime a tournament is held on a Sunday, it can suffer from heavy fishing pressure from the previous days. This weekend was no exception with many large events taking place the day before. However, our guys showed up ready to fish in honor of Mike along with the rest of the 52-boat field. The weather conditions were relatively consistent from the previous day – a seemingly rare event in bass fishing. We had four teams finish top 10 in the tournament, and every team finishing in the top half of the field:


3rd Place: Cantley Krafft & Corey Smith                    (4 fish – 12.47lbs.)

6th Place: Kile Quick & Mark Adams                         (5 fish – 10.96lbs.)

7th Place: Garrett Jennings & Dakota Hanks              (5 fish – 10.37lbs.)

9th Place: Hunter Woodford & Jake Thompson          (5 fish – 8.77lbs.)

23rd Place: Jacob Odum & Cole Bitler                        (2 fish – 3.1lbs.)


Krafft and Smith, finishing 1st in the BFTVT club tournament and 3rd overall in the memorial tournament, had this to say about their weekend:

“It was tough all weekend. We caught four fish all day, but they were the right fish. Three of them came on jerkbaits, but the bites were far apart. I [Krafft] was slow rolling a brown/purple Missile Jig and hooked up with our big one [4.88lbs.]. She was our third fish around 10 o’clock. At that point, we knew we had a really good start and had a chance of winning it all. We didn’t catch our fourth fish until about 1 o’clock, and never did find that fifth fish… I’ve never been on this lake before this weekend, but you can bet I’ll be back!”

“Dave and Chris [Anna Point “Fish Tales” Marina] put on a great event. The support of the rest of the community is amazing. I’m glad we were able to be apart of it.”

Krafft and Smith fell short of first place in the memorial tournament by less than two-pounds to James Wagy and Josh Lam (5 fish – 14.32lbs.).

Jennings and Hanks, finishing 3rd in the BFTVT club tournament and 7th overall in the memorial tournament, also shared their thoughts about the weekend:

“Our success on tournament day was surprisingly much better than what we experienced while pre-fishing the day before. It took us well up into the afternoon to finally entice two small fish to bite, but at least we had figured out what not to do on tournament day. Our tournament morning started off with boating down to unfished water. With no luck in the first hour, I [Jennings] decided to switch things up and try throwing an Alabama Rig. I still had it tied on from a previous tournament, and I thought “Oh, what the heck let’s give this a shot.” My first cast with the rig gave us our first fish, and the start to our 5-fish limit. After catching that fish, and seeing how it responded to the bait, I [Jennings] never threw anything else the rest of the day. I caught 3 more fish on it, one of which was almost a 5-pounder [4.83lbs.]. Once we had her in the live well, we knew we had a solid bag to bring into weigh-ins. It was and awesome event for a great cause that I was glad to be a participant in.”